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Gira Video Door Entry System Mod 5

Gira Video Door Entry System Mod 5

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  • Includes
  • Doorbell
  • Monitor
  • Power supply-Video Controller
  • Telephone Gateway
  • Cable
  • Manuals

This system is complete for installation

What you get: Flush mounted video doorbell x 1; flush mounted video home station x 1; power supply-video controller with mounting case x 1

Stainless Steel Flush mounted Video Door Station

Dimensions: W x H 160 x 285 mm (front panel) W x H x D 140 x 265 x 60 mm (flush-mounted box) 3 mm thick, ground stainless-steel front panel of high-quality Nirosta V2A stainless steel, 5 mm thick safety glass name plate cover windows Screwless installation system. Unlocking is carried out with a special opening tool included with the product. With larger system set-ups, the front panel is secured with screws. Depth of flush-mounted box: 60 mm � Flush-mounted box with wall anchors and openings for cable feed. � Special design principle of the loudspeaker and microphone for avoidance of vandalism and moisture penetration. Due to the design used, it is not possible to puncture the loudspeaker or microphone with a sharp object. � Hands-free feature (voice-controlled talk-back with echo and background noise suppression) � Adjustable speech volume. � Vandalism-protected stainless-steel call buttons. These are recessed flush in the front panel and have a precise switching behaviour when a call button is pressed. � Acoustic acknowledgement signal when call button is pressed (can be deactivated if necessary). � Night design of stainless-steel call buttons. Illumination with white LED illumination. � The inscription area or the name plates are uniformly illuminated with maintenance-free, energy-saving white LEDs. � The cover windows for the name plates are recessed flush in the front panel and consist of shatter-proof, scratch-resistant, 5 mm thick safety glass. They are therefore especially impervious to vandalism in the form of impacts, fire, scratching etc. In addition, they are easy to clean when soiled. � The name plates can be removed from the front without dismantling the door station stainless steel. The unlocking device of the name plates is concealed. � The name plates are protected against sprayed water. � The door station stainless steel is supplied ready for connection including colour camera and built-in loudspeaker and, for larger buildings, including an expansion module. This eliminates time consuming wiring of the call buttons. Only a Gira 2-wire bus is required for connection of the door station stainless steel. � A catch strap and supporting surface in the flush-mounted box serve as mounting aids during installation. � One-man commissioning through simple commissioning procedure. � Circumferential sponge rubber seal for wall sealing on the underside of the front panel. � Large coverage between flush-mounted box and masonry. � Professional labelling with the Gira inscription service or the Gira inscription software . The colour camera offers the following properties: � Automatic day/night switching: The camera switches from daytime operation (colour presentation) to night mode (black and white presentation) and back again at a defined ambient brightness. Due to the high degree of light sensitivity in night mode, good presentation results are achieved even with poor lighting conditions. � LEDs ensure steady illumination of the field of view at close proximity in the night mode. � Camera can be manually swivelled 20� horizontally and vertically. In conjunction with the wide-angle lens, a very wide field of view results. � Automatic background lighting compensation. � Automatic white balance. � Automatic gain control (AGC). � Integrated camera heating with temperature detection. � Sprayed-water proof cover plate. � Camera cover plate made of shock-resistant plastic. Easy to replace when damaged, e.g. through vandalism. Name plate dimensions: W x H 62 x 18 mm Temperature range: -20 �C to +50 �C Protection type: IP 44 Image capture element: CCD sensor 1/3" Wide-angle objective: 150� Aperture angle Visible detection range: Angle of detection of the camera 100� Detectable area (with 20� swivelling): 140� Colour system: PAL Pixels: 500 (H) x 582 (V) Horizontal resolution: 380 TV lines Switching threshold colour to B/W operation: 1 lux Light sensitivity in B/W operation: 0.1 lux Electronic shutter close time: up to 1/100000 s IR filter: integrated

Surface mounted Video Monitor

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Features: Supply of the reverse-polarity protected, short-circuit-proof 2-wire bus when using video components such as a colour camera or TFT display Up to 2 door stations with a colour camera and 18 home stations with TFT colour display can be connected Self-resetting electronic short-circuit and overload recognition of the operating voltage and the bus connection Push buttons for system and door opener programming. LED status indicators for operation, overload, system programming and door opener programming 12 V AC output to supply power to a standard door opener (max. power consumption 1.1 A) Relay output for switching a door opener with its own power supply Door-opener switching time continuously adjustable from 1 s to 10 s The video control device is intended to be installed in the sub distribution unit. If this is not possible, use a common surface mounted distributor. If the topology of the video cabling is designed as a rising main installation, the video distributor also required. Technical data: Primary rated voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz Secondary rated voltage: SELV 26 V DC �2 V Secondary rated current: 700 mA continuous load, 1.15 A peak load (max. 5 seconds). Overload deactivation from 900 mA Screw terminals: 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm2 Door opener output: 12 V AC, 1.1 A Relay output: 250 V AC, 2 A Cable length from camera to most distant TFT display: max. 100 m Dimensions: DRA device with 8 modules Temperature range: -5� C to +45� C IP 20

Door communication gateway for connection of Gira door communication system with an existing telephone system. � Door communication gateway is simply connected between the telephone connection and an analogue telephone. Telephone calls can be carried out on the existing telephone as usual. In addition, door calls are forwarded by the Gira door communication system to the telephone. It is then possible to speak to the person at the front door and the door opener can be activated via the telephone keypad. In addition, door calls can be forwarded to an answering machine or a mobile phone. � Intended for installation in the sub-distribution unit. If this is not possible, a common surface-mounted distributor should be used. � The TC-gateway is supplied with power via Video Controller device. � This component enables door communication systems with more than 30 devices to be set up � Connections: two screw terminals for 2-wire bus, 2 screw terminals for exchange connection a/b, 2 screw terminals for device a�/b� , 2 screw terminals for power supply 12V, AC/24V DC � Dimensions: DRA device, with 6 modules

Requires 2 wire bus cable only. Maximum distance 80 m with 0.8 mm cable; 50 m with 0,6 mm cable

Price: £2,312.00 (£2,774.40 Inc. VAT)
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