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Confused? Need some general advice - read our Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Please read this simple information before you buy. It is guaranteed to save you time and headaches.

The parts of a Video Doorbell System

When buying a system, ensure you have at least

- one Video Doorbell

- one Video Monitor

- one Power supply

That is the absolute minimum required to have a working door entry system.

The main considerations

What functions do I need?

Some of the systems we sell have many functions, while others are simple and have the basic video doorbell function only. It is well worth the time to sit down and work out whether you really NEED a particular function. All the systems have detailed explanations of the functions they provide. If you need help understanding what the functions are, phone us on 020 86170015.

What is the distance between my entrance and the monitor(s)?

One of the most important things you will need to know is the distances over which the system will need to work. Generally speaking, the Two Wire systems work over the greatest distances. If you have a normal house, all of the systems will work.

Is cabling already installed?

Quite often a property will have had wiring installed either during building or renovation. If it has, you will need to find out what kind of wiring it is, and buy a system which will work with that cabling. If no cabling has been installed, a good rule of thumb is NOT to install wiring before you have chosen a system. Each system has slightly different wiring requirements. Study the wiring diagrams we provide BEFORE you lay the first piece of cable.

Can I install the system myself, or should I get someone else to do it?

Our systems are relatively easy to install. However, most of the time it will be appropriate to get a qualified installer to install the system. Quite advanced DIY skills are required to successfully install systems, and we are unable talk you through installing the system by phone. It is always worth getting quotes from three or more installers, as there is variation between them regarding price.

Surface and flush mount systems

Surface mount systems are generally easier to install. Flush mount systems are harder to install, but the final effect is usually smarter looking.


Never use power supplies with your Intelligent Home door entry systems which you did not purchase from us. This will invalidate your warranty, and may destroy the equipment.

If you have an existing Fermax, Commax or BPT system, you will not be able to use our equipment with them. Very rarely can you use our equipment to replace an individual component of your existing system. Each brand of equipment is different, so mixing brands doesn't work. If you bought a system from us three or four years ago, you will still be able to buy additional equipment for that system, of course.

Please note- the kits in the Bargain Basement area are complete all-in-one systems and are not intended to be extended. If you need a bespoke configured system, you will find many in the other areas of the website.


Recently installed malfunctioning systems: Most malfunctioning systems have loose or shorted wiring. Before sending equipment back to us which is perfectly fine, test your system with a known-good test cable. It will save you shipping costs and lots of wasted time.

Happy buying, and easy installing!


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